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Moe's Karting World Inc. reserves the right to deny or accept any kart or patron without recourse. The track reserves the right to revoke or cancel the right of any patron or racers claim to be on the premises without refund of any admission, racing or membership fees.

Conduct: All drivers/crew/parents shall conduct themselves in an orderly manner. Physical violence or abuse of any individual will subject the offender to immediate removal from the premises, possible suspension of membership status and possible arrest. It is our intent to provide a family friendly atmosphere. AT NO TIME, SHOULD YOU APPROACH ANY MOE'S OFFICIAL AWAY FROM THE PREMISES TO CONTINUE TO HARASS HIM/HER.

Drivers, or guardian of a minor, are responsible for the control and actions of their pit crew members and accompanying guests. Unacceptable actions of crew members may subject the driver to penalty or disqualification or suspension of membership status.

All drivers are required to attend all drivers meetings. Juvenile drivers must be accompanied by their crew chief.

Assumption of Risk: Members assume full responsibility for any and all injuries sustained, property damage and/or death at anytime while on the race premises or enroute to and from the facility. No member will have any claim for expenses or damage against Moe's Karting World Inc. or it's promoters or officials regardless of negligence. No insurance is extended to vehicles in the pits or infield.

Program: The program consists of qualifying and feature events. The raceway will determine the number of events, which constitute a complete program. Management reserves the right, without liability, to alter the pre-announced length or nature of any event if weather, track conditions, driver or fan safety concerns or other factors warrant such a change. If heats are completed and it rains out, the heat will be taken as the feature and points awarded accordingly.

Kart Inspection: Competing karts are subject to inspection by raceway officials at any time. Such an inspection does not deem a kart safe and free from defects. No express or implied warranty of safety shall result from publication of, or compliance with the rules. Kart, part and/or equipment will not be considered as having been approved by reason of having passed through inspection at anytime or number of times unobserved or undetected. Any kart is subject to a full inspection by a track official at anytime while at the racetrack. Failure to comply will result in disqualification. All Karts must be available for inspection immediately following an event. Failure to report to the designated inspection area if instructed by the track officials will result in disqualification. Compliance with rules will be determined by the procedures, equipment, and tools adopted and utilized by the raceway. Official weight is per track provided scales. Competitors are urged to check compliance against the standards before entering competition. Contact the technical inspector or track official prior to the racing program start time if you wish to have your kart checked.

Drug and Alcohol Policy: Absolutely no alcoholic beverages will be allowed at the track. Mandatory revocation of rights will take place for any member found to be using illegal drugs or consuming alcoholic beverages while the race program is in progress or prior to entering the race premises.

Decisions: All decisions concerning scorekeeping, suspensions, disqualification, penalties and interpretation of the rules by Moe's Karting World Inc. are FINAL. Questions or comments regarding such decisions will not be discussed during the race program. All inquiries about any decision should be made in a respectful, civil manner or they will not be heard. Under NO circumstances is ANYONE to approach the flag stand during a race program.

General Rules: You must be in the lineup grid, in the correct order prior to the start of the race. If you delay the race (not ready, kart won’t start) you will lose your position and start in last place. You will be given two yellow (caution) laps to get on the track. If you are unable to get on the track at that time the race will commence without you.

If a caution is drawn you will be given two caution laps to realign. If the lineup cannot be achieved the race will be stopped at the flag stand and all karts realigned then restarted on turn 4. If you don’t go to the position designated by the flagger after one attempt you will be black flagged.

HANDICAP/Points – All races, except money races, will be handicapped. This means the points leaders will start in the back for all races. If a new kart comes in they will start behind the point leaders for that race. This will start the third week of racing. For money races two heats will be run to decide starting positions. Points will be given for all positions 10,8,7,6,5 on down to 1 in heats, Feature points run 50,46,44,43,42,41,40,etc, on down in 1 pt increments. If a non-member runs those points are not awarded - that position skips.

A kart will be considered involved in a caution if: a) their kart spins and/or comes to a complete stop, b) if they spin to and angles of 90 degrees or greater to the direction of traffic, causing a caution (in other words, if you spin, get hit and knocked straight and keep going, but leave a pileup behind, You caused the caution and will in turn be sent to the very rear of the field). If someone spun you, they will be penalized accordingly. The only exception to this rule is if you spun to avoid driving into a pileup that has the track blocked or nearly blocked. In this case, the driver will be put back in their position, unless it appears you had ample opportunity to avoid the crash without spinning. The reason for this exception is in the interest of safety, as we would rather see someone spin into the infield to avoid hitting another car than see them take a reckless chance by trying to drive through a pile. If you make ANY significant contact with ANY other karts or the wall from the time the crash begins to develop to the time all karts are slowed and under control, you WILL be considered 'involved'. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES DO YOU EVER RACE BACK TO THE LINE. Anyone doing so will be warned ONCE. The second time we tell you, you will be PARKED for the night. AT NO TIME SHOULD YOU GET OUT OF YOUR KART UNTIL IT IS SAFE TO DO SO ONCE A TRACK OFFICIAL HAS REACHED YOU. SHOULD YOU GET OUT OF YOUR KART AND INITIATE YOUR DISPLEASURE WITH ANOTHER KART YOU WILL LOSE YOUR POINTS FOR THAT NIGHT AND BE SUSPENDED ONE WEEK. (A WEEK WE RACE NOT A NON-RACE NIGHT) IF YOU SPIN - DO NOT SIT AND DRAW A CAUTION. YOU MUST PULL BACK OUT AS SOON AS IT IS SAFE TO DO SO.

Original starts will be off turn 4, within the 'Restart Zone' (marked by lines on the wall, cones inside and outside the track surface) when the flagger throws the green. If the front row is not within a kart length of even, the caution will come back out and we will try again. We will realign the karts and try one more time. If the front row is not even on the second try, the driver causing the problem will be sent to the rear and everyone else will move up a spot. REMEMBER! The driver that is ahead is not necessarily the problem! Brake checks will not be tolerated either! THE FLAGGER STARTS THE RACE! NO JUMPING!

In all divisions, we will attempt an original start TWO TIMES (not including botched starts). The third start will be single file. Once we've gone to single file starts, ALL restarts in that event will be single file. Restarts double file until halfway in all other divisions. The LEADER will start the race. The leader must begin acceleration within the 'Restart Zone' on the front stretch. Early starts and brake checks will not be tolerated. On single file restarts, anyone passing early will be penalized one position for each spot jumped at the next caution. If there is not another caution, the penalty will be assessed at the end of the race.

NO LYING BACK ON STARTS to get a 'run'. Anyone doing so will be penalized one spot for each kart passed before the backstretch, with the penalty assessed at the next caution or at the end of the race, whichever comes first. Anyone doing so repeatedly on every caution, whether doing so to get a run or to give the kart in front of them a 'headstart' (this applies mostly to team karts), will be sent to the rear whether they pass a kart or not.

If your kart stalls before the green flag is thrown, pull out of line and an official may help restart it. If it stalls a second time, you will be sent to the pits. (ie if your chain comes off or if the chain breaks.) - If the engine stalls during a crash, it will not count. Any kart spinning by itself 3 times, or involved in three cautions in one race will be black flagged and sent to the pits.

When a red flag is thrown, safely come to a complete stop AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, shut off your engine if instructed to do so, and stay IN your kart. We will align the field at a safe spot on the track as soon as possible.

Lapped karts - Drivers about to be lapped by faster competitors are responsible for being aware of the approaching faster karts and must yield and move to the OUTSIDE of the track until the faster karts have passed. Lapped karts will observe the blue/yellow flag (which indicates the driver must move to the outside LANE) or risk disqualification. Lapped flag will be given only when being lapped by the leader. You are expected to be aware at that point that you are a lap down and must keep your kart in the high or low groove when other lead karts are trying to pass.

Slight incidental contact is part of racing and we all know that it's going to happen. However, ROUGH RIDER; repeated bumping, getting alongside a car and pushing them out of the way, ramming, etc. WILL NOT be tolerated and will be penalized accordingly depending on the severity of the incident. If you put a 'slide job' on someone, you had better make SURE you are clear. If you're not and it causes a problem, you will be sent to the rear as well. This includes letting your kart 'drift' up the track, taking the outside kart with you until that kart is in the 'marbles'.

Unsportsmanlike behavior/bumping after checkered flag or in the pit area WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and WILL result in disqualification!. NO EXCUSES! Drivers are responsible for their pit crew members, unacceptable behavior will result in disqualification of the driver AND the crew member or parent will be suspended for 1-3 weeks.

A race may be stopped at anytime if the flagman or a track official considers it dangerous or unsafe to continue racing.

Any Kart failing to take the initial green flag in their assigned event may NOT join the field after the initial green has been given. You MUST take the initial green in your event on order to get paid and/or receive points for that event.

Once a kart leaves the track, whether it is to the pits or to the infield, it WILL NOT be allowed to rejoin the race in progress.

Once the leader has crossed the finish line and taken the checkered flag, the race is complete. In the event of a yellow flag last lap of the race, those karts that have taken the checkered flag will be scored as they crossed the finish line. All others will be scored in the order they completed the white flag lap, except those involved in the accident. NO RACING BACK TO THE LINE! This is a very dangerous situation, and it will gain you NOTHING. Anyone failing to slow when the caution flies will be penalized at the discretion of the track officials.

Any kart going into the infield, one wheel or entire kart, then coming back onto the track in order for your kart to gain position (s), will be penalized one position for each kart passed in the maneuver. If it causes a crash, the kart will be put in the rear. If ANY of the karts in the crash are unable to continue, YOU WILL BE PARKED! The TRACK is for racing, the INFIELD is NOT! We will take into consideration whether or not the kart you were passing crowded you onto the infield.

When being directed to your position during a caution, please get there as quickly and safely as possible. If you question your position (and you had better be SURE about it), pull out of line and raise a hand. We will re-check scoring, and the flagman will direct you where SCORING shows you. You will then get 2 chances to get into your position. The third time he has to tell you, you will go to the pits. You should KNOW who you were behind when the caution flew. EARN positions don't try to STEAL them! The only time lineups should become an issue is when two karts are side by side when they crossed the line before the caution flew. We will ALL have to accept the scoring in those cases, whether you AGREE or NOT!

Stopping on the track to discuss decisions made by the flagman and /or officials will result in immediate disqualification. If you fail to leave the track, behave wrecklessly while going back to your pit, cause problems with the officials as they attempt to continue with their duties, or treat any official disrespectfully, you WILL be suspended for a minimum of 1 week and may be fined up to $100 at the track's discretion before you may race again.

All track officials have the power and authority to disqualify or suspend the driver, kart and any other person for violation of rules and other infractions falling under their jurisdiction. Anyone not acting within the speedway's rules and regulations will be disqualified or suspended.

The flagman will control the start of the race as conditions of track permit. If your kart experiences a problem at the grid, prior to the green flag, you will be given two laps to get on the track. The kart will be removed from the event if unsuccessful.

These rules are intended to be the official track rules. However, we reserve the right to amend and adjust any wording and interpretation as situations arise, either before or after the racing season begins. We have constructed these rules to the best of our ability to encourage safety, equality of competition, and fairness to all concerned. There is no express or implied warranty or guarantee of any of the above. Each year there are rules, we know what they say and we know what they mean. It is your responsibility to build, buy and race legal equipment by our rules and to follow these rules while on the track and in the pit area. Do not be misled into using unsafe or illegal hardware. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. If you have a question regarding a rule, please ask.

Arriving at the Track

Upon arrival at the track - racers and pit crew members are required to sign in and receive a pit pass. If you arrive at the track after your class heats have already been set up (1/2 hour prior to the start of the scheduled days events), you will start scratch (back of the pack) in the heat.

Safety: All drivers must have a fire extinguisher that will put out an alcohol fuel fire in their pit area. Should you choose not to comply with this rule you are assuming total responsibility for you and your pit crews safety. Go-karts that come to Moe's Karting World Inc. to race must be in safe racing condition. It is the kart owner/drivers responsibility to ensure that their go-kart is in safe working condition regardless of the inspection by the track.

Driver Racing Apparel:

    1. Full-face helmet designed for racing; DOT, Snell 2013 or better is recommended. Helmets for kids must fit snuggly – for safety reasons if the helmet does not fit the child will not be able to race.
    2. Full coverage driver wear including sturdy shoes, socks, long sleeve shirt, long pants, and gloves are REQUIRED.
    3. Neck brace designed for racing REQUIRED.
    4. Arm sleeve is Recommended.
    5. Elbow pad for right elbow is Recommended.
    6. Chest and rib protective jacket Mandatory for all plate classes - HIGHLY recommended for all.
    7. Long hair must be well-secured and kept under the helmet.
    8. No loose clothing while racing, for safety reasons.
    9. No dark shields allowed in kids classes.
    10. If track officials deem a kart or driver's apparel is unsafe - you will be informed what is wrong and given a chance to fix it.
Kart Requirements - Mandatory for all Classes:

Go-Kart: By definition a go-kart is a vehicle manufactured for the purpose of racing and must be a racing frame. Yard karts, fun or concession karts are not allowed. Direct drive karts only, no shifter karts allowed.
    1. All karts must have a chain guard, which is designed to retain a broken chain. Clutch guard extensions are recommended. Rubber or plastic recommended. No Metal.
    2. Floor pans must be within one inch of the frame from the front of the seat forward.
    3. Seats must be securely locate the driver laterally and longitudinally. Seat must be of one-piece molded construction with no peaks or add on sections. Seats must be securely bolted to frame and not adjustable while kart is in motion. No portion of the seat shall be located rearward of the vertical plane of the rear axle.
    4. Fuel tanks must be securely bolted to the floor pan beneath the steering shaft unless it is an integral part of the engine. Only one fuel tank with a maximum seven quart capacity. Fuel lines will be adequate length to connect fuel tank and carburetor. Excessive fuel line will not be permitted. No pressurized fuel systems allowed.
    5. Header must extend past fuel tank but not past the rear bumper. No sharp edges. If no muffler or bugle tip is used then a header must have a minimum of 1.990" outside diameter by .075" thick washer at the end of the pipe. Header support brace required. All pipes must be in a secure fixed position.
    6. Kart must have a minimum of rear brakes. All brake bolts and supports will have no less than nylock nuts, it is suggested that they be pinned and that a rotor guard plate be installed.
    7. Front bumpers are required. Rear bumpers are required. It is mandatory for plate classes that the bumper covers half the tire width but never wider than the tire width. The full loop bumper is highly recommended. No Sharp edges (yes frame rail bumpers are legal for adults only). Nerf bars are required.
    8. Fuel - Clones motors must run 87% octane gas with ethanol. Exception is Stock Appearing Clones - they run Alcohol/Methanol. No Additives of any kind. If running gas it must be obtained from the track.
    9. Front spindles must be keyed and pinned.
    10. Rear axles must have snap rings on both ends plus wire.
    11. Steering wheel nut must be keyed or pinned. The three bolts that hold the steering wheel to the hub must have no less than nylock nuts. All tie-rod bolts must be keyed or pinned.
    12. All bodies, side panels, and nose pieces must be securely mounted (Full bodies are RECOMMENDED.)
    13. Kart numbers must be at least 6" on the nose, side panels, and rear number plate. If two karts have the same number the member will keep there number.
    14. Any weights attached to a kart must be bolted or correctly fastened. No loose weights should be put in/on the kart. This is dangerous and you could be disqualified. No tools should be attached to the kart either.
    15. Tires must be Slicks only (NO TREADS)
Competition Rules: The spirit and intent of sportsman like racing competition is to proceed on the track without touching or endangering the vehicles of fellow participants. If in the judgment of the presiding officials, a participant is bumping, crowding, chopping, blocking or pushing other participants in other than an inadvertent manner, that participant shall be subject to immediate disqualification and possible suspension of membership status. In practice or in a race, any unsportsman like conduct after the checkered flag may result in disqualification and/or possible suspension at the discretion of the track. We emphasize "inadvertent". Race officials will have the authority to make such decisions without question. Passing Rule: An overtaking driver who is halfway up on another kart is entitled to fair racing room so that both karts can complete a turn side by side on the racing surface without contact.


Green Flag: Signifies the official start of the event and that the race is in progress.

Yellow Flag: Caution, reduce speed, no passing. Get single file behind the kart you were behind when the caution came out. If you were side by side with another kart, please get single file anyway. The scorers will check each lineup before we go green to make sure it is correct.

Black Flag: Rolled and pointed at YOU: You are on the borderline for a penalty or disqualification for unsportsmanlike conduct. You will only be warned ONCE! Open Black Flag: you have been disqualified for safety reasons or unsportsmanlike behavior proceed to the pit area immediately. Anyone not pitting within 2 laps of being black flagged will no longer be scored. If they continue to ignore the black and a caution has to be thrown due to a problem caused by them or because the safety issue got so severe that it endangered other drivers, the driver will be suspended for two weeks.

RED: Stop where you are, shut off your engine if instructed to so. Stay with your kart. We will move the field to a safe area on the track and get the lineup right as soon as safely possible.

BLUE/YELLOW: Move safely to the outside lane, faster karts are about to lap you.

ANY 2 FLAGS CROSSED: Under Caution: Get double file for the upcoming restart. Under Green: The race is 1/2 over.

WHITE/CHECKERED: Rolled Up, Side by Side - Indicates 2 laps to go.

White Flag: Under Caution; Race will restart on the next lap. Under Green: Indicates one lap to go.

Checkered Flag: Signifies the completion of the event. Gradually reduce speed, safely exit the track.

Flagger and Track Officials: Under no circumstances is anyone to argue with, offer inappropriate gestures or approach the flagger or scorers. Their decisions are final and any driver caught in violation will be disqualified from that days events and could be suspended for up to the next 2 races. Any non-driver caught in violation will be asked to leave the track and could be suspended for up to the next 2 races.

Restart after one lap is complete: Line up in a single file line in the order of the last completed lap. Drivers are responsible for knowing their position. Hold your spot if you believe you belong there: the track officials will make the final decision.

Three yellow rule: If you cause three yellow flags, or are involved in three cautions you will be Black flagged. If six cautions occur within one race the race will be checker flagged and deemed complete.

Repairs: All repairs must be performed off the track.

Track and Infield:
    1. Only authorized personnel shall be in the infield or on the track at anytime during the racing program.
    2. After the race has started if your kart should stall - you will be given 2 laps for repairs. If it does not get restarted, push your kart to the infield or off the track, whichever is closer.
    3. All restarts after halfway will be single file.
    4. If you change a kart because of mechanical problems you must tell the registration booth so that they can notify the scorers.
    5. Feature Line up will be determined by the handicap system. Members will start ahead of non-members.
    6. In the event of a rain out when a race is done at a later date - the line up of positions follows the driver not the kart (No driver substitutions). If there is a substitution kart it will be start scratch.
    7. Continual ill handling of a kart will result in a black flag, disqualification or suspension.
    1. Protest must be submitted prior to the finish of the race being protested.
    2. A protest of a motor will cost $150. If the motor is found legal - $25 will go to the track and $125 to the owner of the motor. If illegal - $25 will go to the track and the protestor will receive $125 of their fee back.
    3. If protesting a competitors engine, it must be in the same class as the protestors engine.
    4. Protestors engine will be torn down as well.
    5. Protestors kart must immediately go to tech compound area
Drivers Meeting: It is mandatory that all drivers attend drivers meeting unless otherwise instructed by a track official. Failure to comply may result in disqualification or suspension.

Teching: 1. All karts in all classes except Novice must weigh after the heat and feature races. If you fail to weigh you will be disqualified from that race. If you do not make weight you will be disqualified and any points acquired will be forfeited.

2. After the feature, classes will be teched on select nights. Racers will be instructed where to leave their karts. Failure to go to the impound area immediately will result in disqualification. (You cannot go to the pits first then come back).

3. 1st time found illegal you will lose points for that night. 2nd time illegal you will loses all points acquired to that time.

Moe's Karting World - Addison, NY